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    almond blossoms

    all the almond trees are in bloom and the cherry blossoms are just about ready to burst! it's a beautiful thing to sight, all around Amman.

    Vintage Candy Box

    Orange Color Chocolate Jordan Almonds Candy

    Plump almond nuts dowsed in a thick layer of dark chocolate and then coated with a thin candy shell of bright orange!

    Lavender Jordan Almonds

    Lavender Jordan Almonds Extra fine Jordan Almonds made with roasted California Almonds and covered with Lavender candy coating! our Fine Jordan Almonds are perfect for Weddings, Showers and all Special Occasions (about 100-110 in a pound).

    Blue Jordan Almonds

    Blue Jordan Almonds Extra fine Jordan Almonds made with roasted California Almonds and covered with Blue candy coating! our Fine Jordan Almonds are perfect for Weddings, Showers and all Special Occasions (about 100-110 in a pound).


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Personalized jordan almonds for wedding favors in Toronto?

Where could I find personalized jordan almonds for wedding favors in Toronto, or in Ontario. I would like to get the bride and groom's name and wedding date in edible ink.

http://www.mrsweddingfavors.com/products /Personalized_Biscotti-1114-0.html ...

I didn't have any luck finding personalized almonds either. If you don't come up with them you might consider these. They're beautifully personalized, you

Not sure about Jordan Almonds..But you can personalize M&M's and Dove Chocolate.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Anyone has the White Jordan Almonds recipe?

Hi Guys, I love the white jordan candied almonds. I was wondering if anyone have tried preparing it at home.. if anyone of you have a recipe to prepare it at home.. I searched for it recipe on the internet too, but wasnt able to find it. If anyone of

Sometimes candy coating is difficult to accomplish at home due to the process that it takes to create that candy coating. My suggestion would be to either follow the White Bark recipe or try another almond recipe. I have copied several for you below.


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how do you make jordan almonds?

i looked it up on google but found nothing but How To Make Jordan Almond Flowers.
i want the recipe for jordan almonds, like the recipe for the sugar coating
PS. i am NOT getting married, i just want to know.

http://www.food.com/recipe/jordan-almond s-sugar-coated-almonds-269269

Tabasco And Beer-Flavored: Not Your Easter Bunny's Jelly Beans

This Easter, you can drown your sorrows in a glass of Jellybean milk — or with a pile of beer-flavored jelly beans.

The new twists are a sign that jelly beans are continuing their march to candyland domination. Americans buy 16 billion beans in the Easter season alone (mid-February until the actual holiday), according to the National Confectioners Association . The candy even has its own holiday on April 22.

That's quite an accomplishment for a seemingly simple candy. But in fact, there's nothing simple about the bean. It is a riddle wrapped in a sugar shell.

Jordan Almonds - Bookshelf

Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations
473 pages
Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations

For instance, after the christening ceremony, godparents offer guests the pouches of coated Jordan almonds known as koufeta (recipe follows), either as the guests leave the church or later at the reception that follows. The custom of offering ...

Fast Food and Junk Food: An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat, An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat
813 pages
Fast Food and Junk Food: An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat, An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat

Almonds. Jordan almonds are candy-coated sweet almonds. They originated in Malaga, Spain, and have nothing to do with the country of Jordan or the Jordan River. They acquired this English name as a mispronunciation of the French word  ...

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food
672 pages
Encyclopedia of Jewish Food

Later food dyes were added to create pastel-colored almonds. In English, they became known as candy-coated almonds and, more prominently, Jordan almonds, the Anglicized name of a cultivated—jardin (garden)—sweet variety of almond ...

Handbook On Herbs Cultivation And Processing
400 pages
Handbook On Herbs Cultivation And Processing

These are termed blanched almonds. There are four varieties of sweet almonds now distinguished in the London market, namely, Jordan, Valencia, Sicily, and Barbary, which are arranged in the order of their value. The different kinds vary in  ...

I Lied, There's More, With Emphasis on Friendship I Lied, There's More, With Emphasis on Friendship

TRIVIA. CONTINUED: JORDAN. ALMONDS. A fleeting childhood memory prompted me recently to order a bag ofJordan almonds on the Internet. I love them. A popular box of chocolates offered when I was a boy and was sold by the Whitman ...

Jordan Almond Celebration: VIETRI Blog

Century, that culinary choice changed. In a manuscript dating back to 1504, there is the first note of almonds being covered in a hard coating of sugar at wedding banquets to celebrate the most elegant newlyweds in town.  Popular for the 500 years that have followed since that debut, Jordan Almonds continue to be a traditional Italian wedding favor. Customarily given in packets of 5, the almonds represent the wishes for every newlywed couple: health, wealth, fertility, longevity, and happiness.

The work behind each Jordan Almond is surprisingly complex. Each almond takes a full four days to make, and the steps involve almond artisans (seriously!) peeling the almonds, soaking them, using special sugar solutions, and letting the almonds “rest” for the necessary amount of time.  The candies are a true labor of love, but their taste is beyond compare.



Jordan Almonds - News

Limbaugh: Why Wasn't Obama Invited To The Royal Wedding With All The Other ...
Now, finally, the conservative radio host is keen to note that President Barack Obama has not been invited to partake in the wedding to end all weddings, even though far more controversial world leaders are set to gorge themselves on jordan almonds

Easter holiday fun facts
First applied for making Jordan Almonds, the nuts would be rocked in a sugar- and syrup-filled bowl until they were evenly coated, giving them a candied shell. In the 21st century, the two processes collided to make jellybeans – a jelly center with a

Our Favorite Easter Crafts: No Eggs Allowed!
-A wreath made of Jordan almonds and a crepe paper ball Easter decoration (above) on Country Living's site from stylist extraordinaire, Paul Lowe aka Sweet Paul. Looking for more ideas, including crafts with eggs? Get some Easter ideas from the craft

Old, New Easter Traditions Sweeten Up Hatboro
In addition to the vast array of delicacies like dark chocolate hazelnut, Jordan almonds and homemade cake balls, is a wide array of sugar-free products, motivated in part by Jalaluddin's own diabetes. Queen of Sheba also offers customized packaging,

Relax on the Alabama Gulf Coast
Relax on the Alabama Gulf Coast Along the beach-front highway, the colorful rental houses and high-rise hotels dotted the shoreline like scattered Jordan almonds. But no matter how pretty that vista, nothing could compare to snow-white sand - no tarballs in sight - and the orange,