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They Don't Make Easter Like They Used To - All Things Fadra

If you’ve read any of my posts before you know that I’m a sentimental gal. I love to reminisce and I have a very soft spot in my heart for nostalgia. In fact, I have my very own board on Pinterest labeled “ Reliving my Childhood .”

(Side note: Seeing the people repin that stuff usually lets me know how old they are!)

So 70s, weren’t we? And if the clothes didn’t give it away, the Dorothy Hamill wedge that my sister and I sported would. In fact, I think my brother might have had the same haircut.

But my favorite year was the year of the pink dress. I am so not a pink person but something must have appealed to me with that dress. It was many layers of sheer pink with ruffles all over. I even had a white straw hat with a pink ribbon around it and white patent leather shoes. I loved the dress so much I wore it for my 4th grade school picture (coincidentally, the exact same day I got braces – the first time).