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    Personalized Red Beverage Napkin - Graduation Cap

    Personalized Red Beverage, Cocktail or Luncheon Napkin with Graduation Cap logo printed in silver foil. Plain Paper Plates and Napkins are a thing of the PAST! We have over 33 Logo Designs and Plate and Napkin Colors to fit your upcoming anniversary, birthday, wedding, quince, sweet 16 and...


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Where can I get cheap napkins for my wedding?

I need 500 personalized beverage napkins for my wedding. The cheapest that I found them for was $82.00 at discountfavorsupplies.com. Does anyone know of anywhere else that I can look that would be cheaper? Have you used the service yourself and if so,

walmart has some that you can order off the website personalized for like 50 napkins for 12 or 13 dollars a set

the cheapest you could get is $50.00

What personalized items are you having at your Wedding?

I'm thinking about having personalized cake bags and of course my candy buffet & candle favors will have our names & date too..but I was curious if alot of people still do beverage napkins?
They seem like a waste of money to me....

we want something unique...im not sure, we're still looking,

I miss you!

my bra and shoes thanks

Would this be a good deal? I will have 125 quests???

♦ 5-hours Use of Facility + 1-hour Rehearsal
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As previous poster mentioned, it depends on the caliber of the venue and location/area. A high class resort like the one I work at charges starting 30 dollars per person for a buffet reception with appetizers only and that goes up with other items added,

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Holiday Decorating For Dummies
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Holiday Decorating For Dummies

Standard paper goods like napkins, paper plates, and cups are readily available ... idea that can save you time from stamping a lot of napkins: Purchase a large quantity of napkins — dinner or beverage — with your monogram or ... You can get the napkins at a wedding or party supply store that does personalized napkins.

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The Easy Wedding Shopping Guide, Everything You Need to Select and Purchase All Your Service Providers, Accessories, Jewelry, Invitations, and Much More! : Concise and Easy to Use

Napkins are available only with the pearl designs shown; ink or foil color applies to personalization. Available in luncheon (13" x 13") and beverage (9 1/2" x 9 1/2" ) sizes. Please specify names, date and ink or foil color. INK COLORS Black ...

New York Magazine
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New York Magazine

YOUR NAME HERE THIS COMPANY IS OFFERING 20 PERCENT RE- ductions on personalized napkins and towels (available in 42 colors). Also, gift ribbon ( available in 22 colors), was $19.95 for 50 yds., now $15.95; beverage napkins, ...

200 pages

PERSONALIZED NAPKINS, MATCHES, ETC. With Your Boat's Name. FREE SAMPLES. Rusty Scupper, 59H Burk Drive, Silver Bay, MN 55614. Motor Boating 8t Sailing/June 1980 PELICAN In sterling silver calling his male. 1% In. high.

Secret Wedding Savings Secret Wedding Savings

There should be a beverage providedfor the bride, groom, and best man for this toast. ... Usually, very few people drink it. ... When available, we also include weddingfavors, personalized napkins, cake decorations and, of course, the cork from ...

Personalized beverage napkins? | Best Destination Wedding (66103)

I know this sounds silly, but I've always liked the personalized beverage napkins and couldn't wait until I got married to get them! Lol but now that I'm having a very small and intimate destination wedding in Turks and Ciacos and only 16 people will be there I think it's kinda not really a necessity....what are your thoughts? Did any of you get them? Were they a waste of money? Or did you really not care and just loved having them? Or did you not get them at all? Thoughts please!! ))

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Wedding reception math: How to know how much you need of everything
Personalized or plain, linen or three-ply, wedding napkins are a wedding reception must-have item. It's hard to imagine going overboard and having too many napkins, but it could happen - and if it does you may find yourself using those napkins at your

Simple ways to slash your graduation party costs
Once table coverings are chosen, select napkins, plates, cups and table decorations, like confetti, that will accent but not blend in with the table color. Bead necklaces or leis can do double duty at graduation parties. “Buy enough for all the guests