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[Photo: SD Dirk/Flickr]

Petco Park is celebrating its tenth birthday with a solid lineup of some of San Diego's tastiest bites and brews.

Ballast Point will be pouring more beers this year by debuting an outpost cleverly called The Draft. Other new booze stops are on tap from El Agave , Karl Strauss , and Green Flash .

Petco Park also asked Cardiff's Seaside Market to plant a new flag in the stadium. Go the healthy route with their kale quinoa salad or splurge at the hot bar with fried chicken.

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They Saw it Happen They Saw it Happen

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Blackwood's Magazine Blackwood's Magazine

It is true he drank very often, which was rather out of a custom than any delight ; and his drinks were of that kind for ... as one bringing to him a hat of a Spanish block, he cast it from him, swearing he neither loved them nor their fashions.

Business traveler's guide to surviving a Korean drinking session ...

In Korea, it's said that the success of your business roughly correlates to how well you can drink ... and how respectful you are to your companions while downing bomb shots by the bucketful. 

Most companies in Korea have hoesik (literally, dinner with coworkers; figuratively, official eating/drinking fests involving multiple rounds at multiple venues) at least once a month and sometimes every week. 

For the foreign business traveler, using your foreignness as an excuse to bow out will get you only so far. 

Rules of the game

"Drinking etiquette is the first thing you teach foreign guests," says Bryan Do, a Korean-American director at the Korean branch of a U.S. company.