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    • Step One: Choose your napkin color. You can combine as many different napkin colors in one order as you like - one color per pack. Don't see a napkin color to match your decor? Consider using white napkins custom printed with one of over twenty five imprint colors. Write down the exact color name(s) and quantity - you will need this information when you checkout. To order more than one pack see picture of Multi-Pack Checkout Guide.

Personalized Napkins - BEVERAGE Love Symbol - Bookshelf

Gift Baskets, Making It Personal
132 pages
Gift Baskets, Making It Personal

Create the ultimate gift basket for everyone on your list. Design your own customized gift baskets for holidays and other special occasions.

The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book
168 pages
The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book

That beautiful dove you released into the city as a symbol of your pure love may end up contributing to urban blight or being zapped by ... for your company, you can order custom items for your wedding, in addition to keepsake napkins with your name and wedding date. A good general rule for cost is to calculate the amount per person you are spending on food and beverages (not including the cake).

Exquisite Weddings
192 pages
Exquisite Weddings

To further enhance the Italian theme at the Gerhart wedding, guests received bags of monogrammed sugar cookies tied with a chocolate tassel and a scroll. ... "We wove the claddagh — the Irish symbol of two hands clasping a crowned heart — throughout the wedding," Mize says. ... an ornate "R." They extended its use on invitation seals, on beverage napkins, and even illuminated it onto the dance floor ...

A Short Reader of Medieval Saints
191 pages
A Short Reader of Medieval Saints

When they were gathered around the table and the dinner service laid out, she brought water and napkins for each of them ... opposed to her sister Mary, symbol of the contemplative life] until the “brothers” were drunk and happily satisfied with their ... 18. summer and winter, on sundays, she followed a praiseworthy rule. she would provide an undiluted drink of sweet ... Her devotions completed, she would meet the priests invited to her table for it was her royal custom not to let them ...

The path to Heaven, a complete collection of all the public and private devotions in general use The path to Heaven, a complete collection of all the public and private devotions in general use

First, he takes a little wine into the chalice, and drinks it, saying, Quod qre sumpsimus, 8fc, (Grant, O Lord, that what ... Having drunk the wine and water, he wipes his fingers and the chalice with the napkin, and then covers the chalice ... faith, hope, love, and contrition, or in repeating the Litany of the Blessed Sacrament, or in any other suitable devotion. ... begins with the Communion, so called because formerly it was the custom to sing it while the Communion was being administered.

180 reps workout :: The Fitnessista

This morning, I thought I’d share a quick workout I did on base. 180 reps, but the reps FLY BY and you’re left in a pool of sweat. Hope you enjoy As always, talk to a doc before making any fitness changes. Honor your body and modify as needed.

For the pushup + spinal balance, you’ll complete one full pushup before coming into plank position. From here, extend one arm out in front of you and the opposite leg. For your next pushup, you’ll come into plank and do the other side. This is an exercise that translates well if you’re modifying, in this case, performing pushups on your knees. You’ll do your modified pushup, then come into a tabletop position before extending one arm and the opposite leg.