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    Turn down service at the Apple Farm Inn.

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    Pillow (Thin) Mints

    Each pillow had a bag of Girl Scout cookies to welcome the boys. We are classy like that.


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Gladys Pope reflects on education, arts and more

URBANA — Gladys Pope can barely go anywhere in Champaign-Urbana without running into a former student from Leal Elementary School.

"They'll say, Remember me? I sang in this play, or I danced in that one," said the retired teacher, who was known for putting on elaborate productions for the school and community, including her take on "Stone Soup," which raised close to $10,000 for the Times Center of Champaign.

Tonight, Pope will be one of five women honored at the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois' 23rd annual Women of Distinction award celebration. On the eve of the banquet, the 73-year-old Urbana woman talked about facing discrimination, being a foster parent, her obsession with Thin Mints and much more.

Legislated mints on the pillow | The Bulletin

Recently, patient satisfaction data have been made available to the public and are now being collected using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Survey (HCAHPS), a government-run evaluation centered on the following topics: communication with physicians and nurses, hospital staff responsiveness, pain management, communication about medicines, discharge information, hospital cleanliness, and hospital quietness. But in fact, HCAHPS responses are not universal. A major dilemma in citing satisfaction as a reliable measure is that the patient population is vastly diverse. People interpret questions differently and have varying criteria for what determines a desirable hospital experience.



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If you swap the aviation angle for pillow mints and swimming pools, the joke could just as easily apply to hotels — especially when it comes to club sandwiches. Club sandwich picture from Shutterstock. Traditionally consisting of three slices of

Orma Holden
She was a gifted seamstress whose skill was employed by her daughters, their friends and numerous others in the community providing costumes for school functions, wedding party attire, ring bearer pillows, veils, bow dolls for showers and most anything

Time for Maher to make a point
Maher is happy to mine what he himself refers to as "the dirty ball." He has never sought a mints-on-the-pillow service because, as he sees it, "on any given day, we (Tipp) have five top-class finishers. I'm just the sixth link in the chain of the

Jack Welch, Bill Maher, Lindsey Graham: We support Obama's NSA
An odd coalition has lined up to support the National Security Agency amid news that the NSA has been secretly collecting phone records from Verizon and a more recent report that the agency is directly accessing the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple

LOOK: Amazing maps reveal how Americans say different words across the ...
Regional accents and dialects run deep throughout America, and the ways people speak English are as varied as their politics. Ask for a Coke in the South for instance, and someone will ask you what kind. Ask for a “hogie” anywhere but Philly and no one